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Hawaiian Curly Mango "Woody" Tenor Ukulele Hand-crafted by Local Artisan

Hawaiian Curly Mango "Woody" Tenor Ukulele Hand-crafted by Local Artisan


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Each ukulele comes with an Original Certificate signed by the luthier.


Introducing our stunning Hawaiian Curly Mango "Woody" Tenor Ukulele, handcrafted with love and care by a local artisan in Haleiwa. Made with gorgeous Hawaiian curly mango wood, this ukulele embodies the beauty and spirit of the islands. Each instrument is lovingly handcrafted, resulting in a unique, high-quality product that impresses seasoned musicians and beginners. The "Woody" Tenor Ukulele not only produces a warm and vibrant sound but also serves as a beautiful piece of art that celebrates the rich musical heritage of Hawaii. Add a touch of aloha to your collection with this exceptional handcrafted ukulele.

  • Details

    Title: Hawaiian Curly Mango "Woody" Tenor Ukulele

    Model #: MPT61H

    Serial #: #272

    Makahiki: 6/12/23

    Luthier: Joe Green

    Body: Tenor Super Curly North Shore Pupukea Mango, 6 String, Lightweight Sotoh Tuners

    Neck: 10 Piece T Band Curly Mango, Padauk, Odiuma

    Bridge: Carving Woody Waves Motif, Woody Island Diamond Head Mother of Pearl Inlay. Hand-carved Bridge W, Bone.

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